Deutsche Squad Gemeinschaft

About us


Communication and team play are the most important characteristics of a player in Squad and on our server. Members of the German Squad Community will always communicate with you and also try to make it easier for new players to start playing the game.


Without successful coordination among the squad leaders, victory is almost impossible. We actively promote team play among the players on our german servers and are always looking forward to new and experienced players who are willing to play in the team.


Since its foundation in 2017, the German Squad Community has developed into one of the largest german squad communities and servers with more than 0 active and 181600 registered players currently. With us you will find every day friendly players and a connection to various regular events and clans.

Voice Over IPDiscord or TeamSpeak 3

Join our Discord community with more than 1820 users or our TeamSpeak 3 Server, there you will always find someone to play Squad with.



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Take a look at the guides fo the game that have been created by the DSG community.


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