Squad Radio-Guide & etiquette

In Squad there is a duty to communicate

Here are the four Golden Rules of the ingame Radio:

  1. 1) Decide depending on the situation between necessary and negligible information!
  2. 2) Consider the impact and importance of your information to the squad and make sure that no unnecessary information is submitted.
  3. 3) Design your messages from general to detail so that they can be understood quickly.
  4. 4) Adjust your private chatter to the circumstances of the situation and your squad.


1) Situation-dependent:
In a major firefight, whether attacking or defending, only provide information that is truly relevant to the situation. Even a squad leader cannot take in and process an infinite amount of information.
2) Influence on the squad:
Always consider the importance of your radio message and the potential impact your information has on the squad. A well-positioned MBT on a hill has much more influence than a stray infantryman. An enemy that has just killed you far away from the rest of the squad or is on the other side of the map has little impact on the squad.
3) From general to detail/ standard message:
What -> Direction-> Distance-> possibly prominent object.> possibly direction of movement.
For example contact half squad-> southwest (local: 200 degrees)-> 300m-> on our riverbank-> towards us or also bombardment MBT-> north (local: 15 degrees)-> 500m-> on the hill, big rock-> stationary.
4) Circumstances and announcement of the SL:
At the start of rounds: If, private chatter Only in the local channel.
General: Private chatter in the Squad Channel to a small extent but if possible local.
During combat: No private chatter!

Music may be played locally as long as the SL allows it. It is best to ask the SL for permission first. The best time is first after the staging phase in order not to disturb the tactical planning of the SLs. At the command of the SL the music has to be turned off.

The call of the Squadlead for radio discipline has to be obeyed in any case!

For long and deep conversations we are happy to provide you with our RANDOM-TALK channel on the DSG Discord.