Insults, humiliations, discrimination, defamation, racism and hostilities of any kind are not tolerated. The ability to deal humanly with each other is a prerequisite for us! Furthermore extremism of any kind is to be omitted!

Any kind of comments or statements that damage the reputation are prohibited.

  1. Destroying RADIOS & HABS is prohibited. Further FOB objects may be dug off.
  2. Only ONE FOB per team is allowed.
  3. RADIO & HAB must be erected outside a 200 metre radius around the playable flag(s).
  4. Seeding mode ends automatically at 20v20 unless extended to the end of the lap by an Admin.
  5. HABS must not be blocked or camped off.
  6. Heavy Weapons like Mortar, Stationary MGs & Armed Vehicles are not allowed.
  7. INS are only allowed to build 1 HAB.

In the sense of the play fun for both sides all actions which are detrimental to the liquid play are to be omitted.

  1. It is not allowed to block the cap of the first enemy flag.
  2. Blocking the opponent's Main is not allowed. Mines are excluded from this regulation.
  3. Indirect fire near the Main (300M) is prohibited.
  4. Helicopter ramming is prohibited.
  5. Infantry special kits that are teamlocked may not be doubled per squad.

Squads must not be closed. With two exceptions:

  1. It is a special squad (e. g. mortar & combat vehicle).
  2. It's played clan internally. If there are no open squads for unassigned players, clan internal squads must be opened.
  3. Squadleaders are obliged to select the SL role and keep it until they give up the squadlead!
  4. Squadroles should be recognizable by their name (e. g. BTR, Inf, Logi,. . . ).

Vehicles which do not exclusively have the function of troop transport may not be used as one-way vehicles. Vehicles that require a Crewman Kit must be manned by at least two players. If several squads want to use the same vehicle, the internal must be clarified. In case of doubt, the squad that first claims the vehicle has priority.

All squad leaders must have a microphone and must communicate with the other squad leaders. Squadleaders can open a squad for a certain language, but both the country code [GER/ENG/. . . ] should be specified and the communication between the squadleaders should not be affected.

On each platform of the DSG applies: Each topic and each expression which is illegal or something illegal contains must be omitted.

Bugusing and glitching is not allowed (buging the radio into walls or water where they can no longer be shovelled off. This includes building the HUB over the Radio).

All advertising and Recruitment on the DSG platforms is prohibited. (except for DSG member Clans).

Each player and squad must have a neutral name. This means that the name does not refer to any extremism. In addition, no name may be racist, offensive, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate. This also applies to abbreviations which clearly contain the abbreviations listed here. Furthermore, the name must be pronounceable or contain a pronounceable part. Any illegal content in the name or names that refer to illegal, are also prohibited.

Basically we allow streaming with the condition of a 15/fifteen minute delay and a recognition feature via twitchlink or the same in the name! In Teamspeak/Discord you have to get the permission of the Admins.

Teamkills of any kind are to be avoided. Should a team member nevertheless be killed, an apology should be made. Should we notice that teamkills are repeatedly done intentionally with the aim of destroying the game for other players, the admins will impose sanctions.

Beyond the applicable rules, the instructions of the Admins must be followed. In borderline cases of violation of the rules the judgement is incumbent on the admins present.

In addition to the rules, the laws applicable in Germany, in particular the Basic Law, must be observed at all times. Should this not be followed, the DSG reserves the right to report individual infringements! that is illegal or contains something illegal must be omitted.

Personal data may not be passed on to third parties by the DSG or any other member/player without the prior permission of this person. Third parties in this case are also other players and members of the DSG. Your ingame-name and the Steam-ID will be registered as soon as you join the server.

Duty to deregister in case of longer absence is subject to the respective internal regulation of the respective member clan.

To join the DSG, you must be 18 years old. In special cases, the minimum age can also be undercut. However, this must be confirmed by an admin of the DSG and the DSG reserves the right to refer these players back to the community without giving any reason.

This list is not exhaustive and the evaluation of the procedure is always at the discretion of the Admins present. The admins are called upon to prevent such actions at any time. The instructions must then be followed immediately. Non-observance will be punished with a kick from the respective squadleader. In case of recurrence, a ban threatens.

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