1. The DSG does not tolerate extremism, racism, insults, personal attacks or discrimination.
  2. Should a team member be killed by mistake, an apology should be made.
  3. On all our platforms statements should be kept politically neutral.
  4. Behavior that has a grossly negative impact on the game experience and the guarantee of a smooth game flow is to be refrained from. This implies in particular "trolling", "ticketwasting" and "griefing"

Beyond the applicable rules, the instructions of the Admins must be followed. In borderline cases of the rule violation the judgement is incumbent on the present Admins.

  1. The seeding rules apply as long as you play a skirmish map.
  2. Destroying RADIOS & HABS is prohibited. Further FOB items may be destroyed.
  3. HABs may not be blocked or camped
  4. Firing in and around the own HAB is prohibited.
  5. Squad leaders must mark the playable area with a red line in a sensible way for the sake of fluent play, players must stay within this line.
  6. Placeable, stationary weapons are forbidden.
  7. Armed vehicles may not be used.
  8. Only ONE FOB and ONE HAB per team is allowed.
  9. RADIO & HAB must be placed outside a 200 meter radius and on the side facing your own Main around the playable flag(s).
  1. It is not allowed to shoot/destroy enemy vehicles or infantry near the enemy main base and thus block the main base. Laying mines is still allowed in this area. Repair stations outside the main protection zone belong NOT to the main base!
  2. Firing with vehicles from the border of the own Main Base is prohibited.
  3. Indirect fire near your own Main (300M) is prohibited.
  4. In AAS, blocking the first enemy flag is not allowed.
  5. Intentional teamkills of any kind are prohibited.
  6. To ensure a fluid gameplay, guest clans should respond to balance requests/are encouraged to actively balance with.
  1. Squads may not be closed, unless it is a special squad, or it is played clan-internally. If there are no open squads for unassigned players, clan internal squads must be opened.
  2. Special squads should be recognizable by their name (e.g. BTR, Logi, Mortar, ...).
  3. Squadleaders must select the SL reel and may only discard it when the squadlead is handed in.
  4. HAT, MG and Combat Engineer may only be manned once per squad.
  5. Passing the SL immediately after opening the squad is prohibited
  1. All vehicles, with the exception of unarmed troop transporters, may not be used as a purely one-way means of transport.
  2. Vehicles which require a crewman kit must be manned by at least two crewmen.
  3. If several squads want to use the same vehicle, this has to be clarified internally. In case of doubt, the squad which claims the vehicle first has priority.
  4. Ramming with helicopters is prohibited.
  1. Squadleaders are obliged to communicate with the other squadleaders via a microphone.
  2. It is allowed to open a squad for a certain language. This should be indicated by a country abbreviation.
  3. The Squad Leader must communicate with the other Squad Leaders in German or English.
  1. Each player and squad must have a neutral name. This means it must be in conformity with § 1 and § 12.
  2. Each player must have a clearly legible and pronounceable part from the Latin alphabet in his name.
  3. Every name have to be written in a standard textform. Names which contain only special letters are prohibited.
  1. It is prohibited to exploit bugs and glitches.
  2. Any use of hacks and cheats is strictly prohibited.
  3. Radios must be accessible on foot and without aids.
  1. All advertising on the DSG platforms is prohibited.
  2. Recruiting members is prohibited for non-DSG clans. This includes sending links and IPs via in-game chat.
  • Streaming on this server is prohibited!
  • Recordings are allowed.

In addition to the rules, the laws applicable in Germany, in particular the Basic Law, must be observed at all times on all DSG platforms. Should this not be followed, DSG reserves the right to report individual violations!

Personal data may not be passed on to third parties by DSG or any other member/player without the prior permission of that person. Third parties in this case are also other players and members of DSG. Your in-game name and Steam-ID will be registered with us when you join the server.

  1. This list is not exhaustive and the evaluation of the procedure is always at the discretion of the respective admins present.
  2. The Admins are always called upon to stop rule violations immediately, there are no exceptions for situations or players! The instructions are to be followed immediately.
  3. As a rule, the first rule violation is followed by a warning, then a kick. If the rules are violated repeatedly, there is a 1-day ban, with the 3rd violation a 1-week ban and then a permanent ban.
  4. In case of particularly serious violations or lack of understanding, stricter sanctions may be imposed. This applies in particular to racism and extremism.

This list is not exhaustive and the evaluation of the procedure is always at the discretion of the Admins present. The admins are called upon to prevent such actions at any time. The instructions must then be followed immediately. Non-observance will be punished with a kick from the respective squadleader. In case of recurrence, a ban threatens.

Last Edited: 25.05.2021

To report problems/Admin abuse with a specific server, players can email with the following details:

  • Name of the server
  • Any evidence such as video, pictures, etc.
  • Date and time of incident

Or alternatively/and you can fill out the following form:
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