Squad Medic-Guide

Roleguide Medic

So lords of creation, there follows the guide for the paramedic who is also called Medic. The guide is primarily aimed at beginners, but should also provide interesting information for veterans of the game. Let's get started!


The core task of the Medics is to keep the squad alive and its fighting power up! This task should always be pursued, if this is possible. You are combat medics, not a 'one-man Rambo killer squad'.

1. Field Dressing

In Squad there is a more or less simple system for resurrecting and healing players. If a player is hit, he is injured or dies directly from his injury - in both cases there is a bleeding wound which has to be treated. If a live player is injured, his HP (Health Points) will be reduced until the bleeding is stopped, if not, the player will faint. Also in this state the player bleeds, but cannot take care of himself. This is where the paramedic comes into play, as unlike other roles, he has 9 bandages.

Field Dressing
Field Dressing

2. Medikit


While bleeding can be stopped by bandages, these do not refill the HP of the player. This can be a major drawback on the battlefield, as it slows down the sprint and affects accuracy. The Medic has the medicit for this purpose with which he can refill the HP of the players. The Medicit has no cool down and can be used an unlimited number of times without using any ammunition. Important: When a player is resurrected, he must be healed to "refill" his blood. If this does not happen, the player will bleed out earlier or even immediately in case of a new wound, which leads to virtual death!

3. Smoke grenade

In addition to the items of your equipment which are directly applicable for your task of the medic, your repertoire also offers smoke grenades. These are, as with other roles, an essential part of your equipment and can turn the tide in hopeless situations. It is important to keep the following principle in mind: Always smoke in the direction of the enemy. If you throw the smoke too close to your position or even on a fallen comrade, this is the signal for all enemies to open fire while you restrict your own view through your own fog. So use and place smoke grenades with care in your squad's field of vision and position.

RDG-2 Smoke Grenade
M18 Smoke Grenade

You should also pay attention to what type of smoke grenade your faction uses. Western factions (US, UK, CA) usually use M18 smoke grenades, while Eastern factions (RU, Militia, Insurgents) use RDG-2. The main difference is that RDG-2 smoke grenades emit smoke in both directions along their vertical axis, while M18 smoke grenades emit smoke in one direction only.


Smoke grenades should always be thrown towards or directly on the enemy position in order to prevent cloaking your own vision.

Effective Gameplay

If you have the basics, now it's time to master the Medic! For this I have more points with small tips that will make your life as a medic easier.

1. Positioning

Now let's consider the optimal positioning for a paramedic. There should always be two medics in each squad. Often it is advisable to position one medic close to your squad lead and the other medic at a distance to the squad lead, so that both don't fall at the same time. When you play the medic you are the life insurance of your comrades in the squad, so remember: the first row should not be yours! Stay a bit behind the running ahead comrades and rather collect them in case they fall.

2. Loadout

One thing that is certain and clear is that each player has his own style of play and has different opinions about visors and co. Here I would like to explain briefly which Medic-Loadout I think is best suited for fulfilling the basic tasks and why. Maybe someone finds it comprehensible and tries it out or you stay with your old acquaintance.

The Medic usually has the choice between two different loadouts which differ in sight and little in the amount of equipped gadgets. The most popular variant is the one with a 4x zoom, i.e. an ACOG or PSO/U scope. It is perfect for fighting at medium to long distances. It makes head shots much easier and it is also more effective to spot enemy forces in all kinds of terrain. So actually a good choice.

But is she also the best? I think not! If you look at the tasks of a medic, he often finds himself in close combat, should rather keep his head down and not engage in unnecessary long range combat, stay alive and help his comrades up again when they are down. In my opinion the medic can work better at a long fighting distance if he concentrates on taking care of the injured and does not go out of cover to fire himself. The second Laodout variant would almost always be a variant with a flare sight or rear sight and front sight.

This allows for better close combat, as tunnel vision is avoided and reaction is significantly improved. It is simply better designed for close combat. In addition, the Medic class has more smoke grenades in the second variant, which is always an advantage, sometimes a fragmentation grenade as extra firepower and last but not least a pair of binoculars, which compared to the 4x zoom visor of the first variant not only has a stronger magnification, but is therefore even more suitable for mocking.

So on almost every map my choice is the "melee" version of the Medics, it makes it easier for me to fulfill my core tasks and makes me an important part of an effective squad.